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September 29, 2006

Robert Downey, Jr. = Tony Stark = Iron Man

it's another "strange" casting choice that I really, really like. First off, Tony Stark should be portrayed as a near lunatic genius, and Downey certainly has the ticks to pull that off. Second, Downey is an amazing actor. Third, I'm really interested to see him in an action role. Think "Chaplin" meets "Terminator." - Robert Downey Jr.: I am 'Iron Man' - Sep 29, 2006

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September 26, 2006

All I need is a singing lesson. Maybe not even that.

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Inside the Actor's Studio with Elmo

I don't know when they replaced James Lipton, but Elmo does a slightly better job in getting Robert DeNiro to (1) speak and (2) delve into what makes his method acting technique so effective.

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September 15, 2006

Want to steal an election?

Why is the US press not talking about this Princeton study which discovered that electronic voting machines are not secure, that they can easily be hacked and lead to stealing an election? This is a MAJOR problem for US democracy... yet, silence.

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September 11, 2006

Ferrell's almost completed his transformation

I'm not surprised that Will Ferrell has been moving toward doing dramatic roles; however, I am impressed by the speed at which he's doing it. Thinking back to how other comedians have had to really knock up against the barrier between comedy and drama I guess it's ineveitable that someone could make the transition in just a few years. It was a long, decades long movement for Bill Murray and Robin Williams. Shorter for Jim Carrey. Jamie Fox did it fairly quickly. After seeing even Adam Sandler (Punch Drunk Love is, by far, one of his best films) do a good job I'm not surprised that Hollywood would be willing to give comedians a better shot at drama. - Drama 'Stranger Than Fiction' for Ferrell - Sep 11, 2006

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September 8, 2006

Exclusive: Paris Hilton's mugshot

paris-hilton-mugshot.jpgA Numbmonkey exclusive!! Paris Hilton's mugshot! When Paris Hilton was picked up for DUI recently it was thought that she might lose some of her... shall we say, magic? But not so. Oh, Paris, you've done it again... to my heart.

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September 7, 2006

40 years of Trek

CNN's article and video's interviewing Shatner and Nimoy are great. They are light-hearted and happy old-men who just want to be left alone. It looks like a fun interview. - Shatner, Nimoy and 40 years of 'Star Trek' - Sep 7, 2006

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Look, up in the sky... it's Supermeltzer.

Meltzer's new novel and Justice League of America storyline make him a writer's dream. A book... a comic... now if only he could fly. - Man tempts 'Fate,' writes comic books - Sep 7, 2006

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September 6, 2006

Love means never having to say you're Suri.

Vanity Fair has just published photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with baby daughter Suri. Unexpectedly, they also published this photo of Mr. Cruise taken in the delivery room as Suri was being born.tom.jpg

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Spies Like Us

This sketch from "At Last the 1948 Show" is strangely relevant. The show, a precursor to "Monty Python's Flying Circus" starred, among others, John Cleese and Marty Feldman. This sketch, in which Cleese, as the head of the Secret Service, enlists the help of the office tea-boy to burn down the Kremlin, is very funny. But as I was watching it an odd thought occurred to me... I think these guys actually planned the Iraq War too... and now they're setting their sites on Iran.

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September 5, 2006

How Superman should have ended.

Making out with Lois for a while sounds good... as long as it's not Margot Kidder-Lois.

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OK Go, "Here It Goes Again"--LIVE

I'm actually very impressed that these guys could perfom it live.

OK GO Live at VMAs They perform their famous treadmill dance live at the MTV awards.

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This poor kid. He nearly falls out of an amusement park ride (luckily it looks like there is a strap between his legs to keep him from going off completely) and all the woman on the ride with him can do is laugh at him. What sort of woman does that?

Kid almost falls off amusment park ride And all his step mom (?) can do is laugh.

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