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October 28, 2005

It's nice to try new things.

Between this and his new Rocky pic, it's like we have a whole new SYLVESTER STALLONE out there. Now, if only he'd try to write a script about a disco-dancing Italian from Brooklyn. - Stallone to make another 'Rambo' - Oct 28, 2005

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This is what it's like, living in NYC

Good Smell Perplexes New Yorkers - New York Times

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Too sad.

A woman hangs herself. If it's the classic "cry for help" then it goes unheard because she ironically decides to make her ghastly, self-destructive move too close to Halloween.

People thought she was a decoration. - Body hanging from tree mistaken for Halloween decoration - Oct 28, 2005

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Good for him.

I'm not sure why this should be anyone's business but his own, but I'm happy that he's feeling good about himself (dare I say, he feels "FAAABULOUS!!!"). - George Takei, 'Trek's' Sulu: I'm gay - Oct 28, 2005

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October 27, 2005

Well deserved, for a guy with an arrow through his head.

I can still remember lying in bed as a kid, listening to my walkman with a tape of Steve Martin Live and laughing and laughing. Then my father came into the room and asked what I was listening to. I told him, and he asked if he could listen. As I handed him the earphones I realized that the "I help out unwed-mothers... hey, I just help them get their start!" joke was coming up, but it was too late to pull the earphones back. My dad listened, then he laughed, and then he said, "You get these jokes?" I said, "Yes." "They're dirty," he said, then left the room.

Well, Incluuuude Him: Martin Joins Twain Pantheon

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Could make a few bucks.

I don't know exactly what this movie "King Kong" is about, some sort of wrestler? Played by Naomi Watts no less! Anyway, it could make a few bucks according to this article. We'll see.

A Big Gorilla Weighs In - New York Times

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Once more, with feeling.

Quite possibly the greatest commercial ever made.

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October 26, 2005

Hi Ho!

Finally, a reality-competition that I won't be embarrassed to watch.

Muppets may return to primetime TV - TELEVISION -

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How long before the robots take over? Ahh... give 'em five minutes.

Thanks to research and stick-to-it-iveness, scientists will finally be able to connect their remotes up to our brains and legitimately ask us, "Why do you keep hitting yourself? HuH!?! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!"

A remote control that controls humans - Innovation -

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White House Official: "We enjoy the funny. No... Seriously, we do. Ha. See? Ha ha."

There's something so pathetic about people with rod's up their @$$holes trying to claim that they love a good joke.

[White House Spokesman Trent] Duffy said while he does not personally read The Onion, he admitted knowing others in the White House who do. "Like everyone else, we like a good laugh."

Shut up, you do not. - White House?to Onion: Stop using seal - Oct 26, 2005

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South Park Rides Again

Good news: we have three more years (at least) of South Park.

Better news: Trey and Matt are still cooler than anyone in Hollywood. - Nine seasons of?crude?comedy - Oct 25, 2005

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