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September 24, 2005

Comic Book Review: Superman Shazam #1

Superman Shazam 1.jpgby Sean Ferrell

This book by writer Judd Winick and artist Josh Middleton is a nostaligic take on the DC universe, almost kid-like. I'm not saying it's immature, just that the look of the book creates a "golden age" feel, and the story, taking place as it does very early on in the current mythos lends it a wide-eyed adventurous vibe.

The heros that we know so well have only begun to emerge, and this is the story of Captain Marvel and Superman's first interaction. When "magical" artifacts are stolen from a series of museums around the country it creates a path of mystical signifigance. Superman's vulnerability to magic and Marvel's magical background will, of course, overlap in intersting ways, but that is for future issues. This first issue is merely setting the table. It does a good job of it. There's immediate mystery involving the stolen artifacts, and the emergence of the heros into society makes for a fun and historical review of their early days. I particularly enjoyed how confident Superman comes off, almost cocky. Meanwhile, Billy Batson is just revelling in his powers. Good fun.

Middleton's art is classy and classic (almost like Mike Mignola) and Winick's characterizations are spot on. As the DC universe hurtles toward Infinite Crisis it's nice to have a little glow of straightforward fun to balance it out.


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September 23, 2005

Fraggle Rock Movie

fr_performers.jpgI saw this. It was called "Farscape."

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